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Assignments are carried out by i on the basis of agreed fixed fees.
In Executive Search the fees are determined by scope and dimension of
the foreseeable chances of motivating potential candidates. The fees
agreed upon are binding. For searches they amount to at least one third
of the first annual total remuneration.
In my STRATEGIC and LEADERSHIP fees are calculated on the basis of the
client’s special project requirements. Expenses incurred by consultants
and prospective candidates are billed separately, usually as a flat
rate. Experience shows that they amount to 25 percent of the fees for
domestic and up to 35 percent for international assignments.
You can expect on my hourly rate of 440 EUR
and a flat rate of 4600 € + hotel and travel expenses.
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 Member of Board
of International Companies

Industry and commerce
senator Europe

Special Envoy for Africa,
Asia and Pacific



International recognized Journals

• World Book in Springer Publisher •


• Trendsetting answers from top masterminds and company leaders •


• European Business Awards as a global Top Manager

• European Economic Senator Award (EWS) as best Headhunter

• BDU market research , Top 5 worldwide executive search Company

• Wirtschafts Woche Awards for the best Service and Management

• Appointed in the Study and market research of Europe from University Ingolstadt,
as the best Headhunter in Europe

• Business Awards Financial Times

• Appointed as a Special Envoy for Africa, Asia and Pacific for Ministry of Foreign Affairs


• National Speedway Champion Rheinland Pfalz 2002

• National Speedway Champion Hessen 2003

• German Speedway Master place 3th. in 2004

• Offroad Rally Champion GORM 2008

• Offroad Rally Champion GORM 2009

• Offroad Rally Vice Champion GORM 2010

• Offroad Rally Vice Champion Nora Rally Baja
Mexico 2011

Offroad Rally Champion GORM 2013

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