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International Business & Management

Uwe Zirbes is an international consultant with long time expirience and he become a specialist in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Executive Search

The real world of headhunting!

Searching for management positions, leaders, mid- and top managers as well as board members. My experience covers the full range of Human Resource and management expertise, which includes best practices, executive search, strategic HR planning and management coaching.
I am a real headhunter and certainly not a recruiter, I am going for the top-shots in the industries to motivate them to work for esteemed customers.
Being No.1 in Germany and No.5 in Europe with my founded company hunting heads I am truly different.
Hunting heads offers headhunting services and Executive Recruitment from the first to third management level hierarchy. We only search for the ELITE.
We only search for the ELITE.

Strategy & Organization

Utilizing the value expertise in strategic planning, a key support function to Value Strategy. Working with clients to implement best practices in Value Management. If it comes to financial strategies, marketing strategies, HR strategies, project strategies and more, I will recognize market opportunities and change your market position for the better.

Marketing & Sales

Determining the parts of sales and marketing strategies and organizations that need to be improved. I have expertise across the demand generation process, from identifying customer needs, developing effective value propositions and creating marketing strategies to designing channel strategies as well as deploying and compensating the sales force.

uwe zirbes huntingheads international manager

Board Consulting – Placement and evaluation of Board Members

The ongoing discussion about adequate standards in regard of company conditions makes it clear: The role of Board Members becomes more and more important in regards of appropriate and successful company policy.

The Board develops towards corporate bodies influencing sustainable the financial results. I can offer a professional service in this field as well.

Furthermore, i assist our clients searching for exceptional personalities for their Board of Directors. I can also evaluate existing members.

Board members being placed with my help, dispose about the necessary competence and autonomy. They have the quality to secure advantages within the global markets.
Just use my expertise and knowledge!

Team hunting

Recruitment of complete, functioning teams that already work together successfully

When talking about classic headhunting, one often refers to the search for a single professional or executive. The term team hunting, however, describes the recruitment of complete, functioning teams that already work together successfully. This was particularly the case in recent years, but also in the chemical, consumer goods, automotive and machine building industries. Whole teams, for the functional areas such as development, sales, marketing or even management, make it easier for the customer to work on the project while at the same time weaken the competition company.

Further advantages for a well-trained team to recruit is that the customer reduces the time needed to train up and the recruitment time will be shortened. An executive personality of the team (also known as a teamleader), which at the same time allows the team members to work together with the right headhunter for a joint change, is at the same time the right and suitable candidate for the customer, because of his convincing performance and social characteristics from the past.

However, there are not only cases where companies are looking for teams but teams whose service and know-how are no longer strategic to the current employer will report to us so that we can then find a new company with the teams.
In practice, we see that the need for team hunts is increasing. Five years ago there was a question about team hunting once a month, today we are experiencing an average of one request per month. Companies from abroad who want to invest in a new division commission us to win entire teams. For this team hunt, you need a headhunter who can not only find the candidates, but also inspire and motivate them to change. At the latest, they will learn why my company hunting heads was called – the Champions League.


 Uwe Zirbes founded hunting heads Executive Search International, and within less than a decade his consultant institute
has made it to the top in the executive search market


 Member of Board
of International Companies

Industry and commerce
senator Europe

Special Envoy for Africa,
Asia and Pacific



International recognized Journals

• World Book in Springer Publisher •


• Trendsetting answers from top masterminds and company leaders •


• European Business Awards as a global Top Manager

• European Economic Senator Award (EWS) as best Headhunter

• BDU market research , Top 5 worldwide executive search Company

• Wirtschafts Woche Awards for the best Service and Management

• Appointed in the Study and market research of Europe from University Ingolstadt,
as the best Headhunter in Europe

• Business Awards Financial Times

• Appointed as a Special Envoy for Africa, Asia and Pacific for Ministry of Foreign Affairs


• National Speedway Champion Rheinland Pfalz 2002

• National Speedway Champion Hessen 2003

• German Speedway Master place 3th. in 2004

• Offroad Rally Champion GORM 2008

• Offroad Rally Champion GORM 2009

• Offroad Rally Vice Champion GORM 2010

• Offroad Rally Vice Champion Nora Rally Baja
Mexico 2011

Offroad Rally Champion GORM 2013

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